What’s the Need?

What's The Need?

STATUTORY WARNING: This is going to be a one long read. We suggest that you find a cup of good aromatic coffee or tea (preference based), before you sit down and go through it. You will probably be confused in the start, as to where this article leads; hence, a humble request to all, to go through the entire article before passing a judgment on it.

India is one of the most hospitable countries that one can ever find in this world. What do we owe this knowledge to? Our history books, dummy! They are full of incidents dating back to hundreds and hundreds of years.

Don’t believe us? Just go ahead and flip through the history pages and find out for yourself. We have been playing host (a wonderful one too) to a list full of ‘invaders’, for as far as one can remember. Humbly accepting each one of them with open arms, serving to their needs with humility and respect, even as our guests kept on plundering, robbing, raping us of our wealth, culture and natural resources (Golden bird of the world, ring a bell to anyone??).

It has been our staunch belief in hospitability since ancestral times that led us to losing out on the very things that made us dear to the outside world. Indians WERE the most culturally and technologically advanced race (again, refer to our rich ancestral heritage and history for proof) for a veeerrryyyyyy long period of time until somehow, amidst all the invading and plundering, we lost those virtues down the line. What we have now is nothing but minimalistic, almost negligible example of what we had before.

We were very tolerant hosts. We were bad at analyzing and judging anyone. Probably the only thing we lacked in and probably the very thing that made us lose it all. We used to bear each invasion, each plundering until it reached a saturation point. To which point, we would unite (which again was a very meticulous and time consuming process) and rebel. Fight to take back things which were ours in the first place!

Now, before boring you to death with all this talk about history, let us get to the point of this article.

NO, we are not some children crying over spilt milk.

NO, we are not some people trying to act smart and give example of our glorious past to hide the despicable and disappointing versions of what we have become in today’s date.

We are just a group of young people pointing out on the ‘FACT’ that probably we have reached a stalemate yet again. A saturation point has been reached. And maybe, just maybe, after 66 years of our so-called ‘Independence’ and ‘Democracy’ from the last invasion (if you ask us, we feel we are still under an invasion. Sadly, this time it’s from within), it is time that we get our acts together.