Future Plans & Upcoming Projects

Future Plans & Upcoming Projects

We, at Yuva Foundation are constantly on our toes. We have to be, as we have come to realize that no matter how many projects we accomplish, we would still have a lot more left to do when scaled on a bigger picture. In today’s world, we are not looking to eradicate all of the misery and evil around us, quite simply because it is impossible. So instead of having an irrational goal, we have decided to keep things simple and take one step at a time. Just initiate, and hope that it would be enough to inspire people around us to follow the same.

On the same note these are a few of our upcoming projects in the pipeline:

  • Legal aid to needy (with concessional rates)
  • Computer Institute for better education to the society
  • Distribution of note-books to students below poverty line
  • Awareness programs and workshops on Social Issues
  • Programs to uplift the youth of the society (below poverty line)

Project already under execution

Adoption of Villages