About Us

Who Are We?

Yuva Foundation

Yuva Foundation is a charitable organization that recently came into existence after diligent efforts of a young group of people, who just want to do their part in helping out and ward off the social evils that have enclosed itself around this world (read: INDIA. Yes, for us, our world is our mother nation) that we call our home.

To know more about us, we request you to go through the following article or ‘Our Little Short Story’ like we have come to know it as. Basically and queerly, we gave our introduction a story format because we all know that not many people (including us!) have the patience to read through an entire article (Especially when it is on a serious topic like a charitable society which has no sugar or spice and just straight forward points). Sincere hope that you do not skip through the body and go through the entire article.

We hope this little story will help answer the many questions that would arise in anyone’s mind about any charitable organization as well as make for a good read. Like who exactly are we? What we do? How did it all start? The need for a REGISTERED ORGANISATION? And etc etc..

So here is us, trying to grab your attention (not because we need it but because the causes themselves demand it) with our own little twist to our initiative ‘YUVA FOUNDATION’.